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4 old fashioned remedies to clear up dark circles

Posted on 08 December 2017

Some days you wake up and look like the walking dead. We’ve all been there, with circles so dark under our eyes, mirrors are to be avoided at all costs.

Cover up concealer is our best friend on these days, but what can be done to actually clear dark circles? Here’s our favourite old fashioned remedies for getting rid of dark circles, straight from the good old days.Cold teabags - Go for chamomile or green tea, and chill wet teabags in the fridge before applying to your dark circles with eyes closed for 20 minutes. Combine with a mini meditation for a soothing night ritual.

Cucumber - we still love this old trick. Slice up some cucumber, put it in the fridge and apply for 30 minutes. Maybe do it as your daily ritual when your bub is sleeping. This could be a great new self love ritual for your day.

Apply some almond oil over night - We hear the Vitamin E levels in almond oil is next level, so slap some of the good stuff on your dark circles and see how your dark circles turn around.

Sleep - yeah we know, you’re laughing. But seriously, if you want to feel more rested, get some sleep when you can. Stop looking at your phone late at night, stop staying up late to soak up the quiet alone time when your baby is sleeping, and stop trying to get your jobs done when the baby is asleep. Just try it one or two days a week, and instead nap when your baby’s napping and go to bed early. You don’t have to do it every day, we know that’s not realistic. Over time, you’ll be more rested and the dark circles might just start to dissipate.

You might not get to all of these daily, but choose 2 and integrate them into your weekly routine for a month and see what difference it makes. We reckon at the very least you’ll feel more relaxed, and that can’t be a bad thing!

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