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MADE’s favourite pregnancy old-wives-tales

Posted on 01 June 2017

When it comes to pregnancy, many an old wives tale has been told. We love our superstitions, but really Stevie Wonder was right, they ain’t the way. They might not be accurate, but here’s our favourite five, in order of nutty...

1. Linea Negra

This one is about the line of pigmentation some women get up the centre of their belly, in line with the belly button. The old wives tale goes, that if the line runs only below your belly button then you’re having a girl, and if it runs above and below the belly button, then you’re having a boy. We're pretty sure it's not as straight forward as this...

2. How you’re carrying

According to the wives of old, if you’re carrying low you’re having a boy. But if you’re carrying high, you’re having a girl. We wonder what they say about how you carry after a big meal?

3. Craving salty foods

Salty foods = boy, sweet foods = girl; that’s how the theory goes. Pretty sure we crave it all, all day, every day.

4. Chinese Gender Chart

The Chinese Gender Chart claims to have a 90% accuracy rate. We’re skeptical but we do love to speculate on gender. With this one, it all comes down to the lunar age of the Mum and the luna month of conception. Go on, give it a go, just for fun.

And last but not least... 

5. The string swing.

it doesn’t get much more crystal ball than this. The idea is you get your wedding ring (already disqualifies all those couples who are not married and having a baby) and tie a piece of string to it. Hang the string and ring over your belly and if it swings back and forth you’re having a boy. If it circles, it’s a girl. Steady hands are a must for this one folks.

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