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Mum hacks from those in the know

Posted on 06 July 2017

There are some tricks that can only come with experience in the Mothering trade. We’ve picked their brains of some of our favourite Mamas and we reckon these ideas are one part genius, one part lifesaver.

Whether you’re parenting older kids or doting on a newborn, this list has something for everyone. What’s your favourite Mum hack? Share with MADE below in a comment.

Getting prepared for Poonamis

Leave a change of clothes for you and baby, spare nappies, a towel and wipes in the boot of your car. You never know when they may save the day when out and about. Just remember to replace bubs’ clothes each 3-6 months otherwise you will go to use them and they will be way too small.

Preventing the Hangries

Always have a packet of dry crackers in your car for food emergencies - we might take this on board for big people too.

Filling the freezer

Spend some time making food for your child that you can freeze in small portions and then easily heat/microwave it at a minute’s notice. Another trick for avoiding hangry episodes.

Labelling to avoid mystery meals

Use sticky tape and a permanent marker to label food that’s going into the freezer, that way you won’t permanently mark your containers and you won’t be sniffing through the icicles to figure out what you’re looking at.

Carabiner on the pram

Get a heavy duty carabiner from your local hardware store and attach it to the handle of your pram. You’ll be thankful for the extra room for shopping bags, beach trips or other days when your pram doesn’t cut the mustard. Just be sure not to overload and tip the balance

Dealing with second child jealousy

When baby number two comes along keep a box of special toys and books for your first child to use only when you are feeding. Make it special and exciting like a reward. It can help with jealousy when you are busy with baby number 2.

There must be more than this, those sneaky tricks you use every day. If you have any good tips for new Mums, please share in the comments below.

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