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The Best Photo and Milestone Apps For Your Baby

Posted on 25 October 2016


Recently, my younger brother and my gorgeous sister-in-law welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world, the first child on both sides of the family. Everyone is over the moon, and the baby spam has flowed thick and fast from all sides of our multi-national family.

Living in the States, with my heart totally wrapped up in the baby back home in Perth, I’m delighted to get any snippets or pictures of little Xander’s development and his cute face as he grows WAY too fast.

Although handy, Whatsapp and other message platforms aren’t always the most user friendly place to keep baby memories mixed in with making plans on where to have dinner. And understandably, social media has become a minefield of tricky privacy issues for new parents and their extended family members. We all know that family member who inadvertently posts THE WORST photos of us, and tags us without our consent, and different families have different thresholds of what they’re comfortable sharing with others on social media.

And I’m conscious of the fact that there’s only so many photos I can share of my nephew before I realise my friends don’t want to see every single moment of Xander’s feed, or (in future) his first poo in the potty. 

So what’s the solution? How do we share images and milestones of our little loved ones in a safe and easy to manage way? 

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, there are a few nifty apps out there to help you, and we’ve compiled our list of the best ones!

1. Tinybeans

We LOVE Tinybeans in our family. It’s super easy to sign up and get started, and you don’t have to be the main parent to share or add photos and milestones. It also comes with a newsfeed of handy articles and ideas for your family, that match your child’s developmental stages.

Plus, you can be part of a few different Tinybeans feeds at once, making it easy to keep in touch with different loved ones across different families!

Free, with in app ads.

iOS and Android


2. Baby Pics

Recently voted “Best New App” on the Apple app store, it’s easy to see why Baby Pics is just so popular with new parents and their families. 

Baby Pics allows you to track your child’s milestones, as well as add beautiful script and styled writing to images of your little one. 

Upload a photo and create beautiful quotes or a note for Grandma - she will LOVE it!


iOS and Android


3. Lifecake

This nifty app allows you to track and record your baby’s growth and sets reminders in time with their birthday. You can quickly and easily compare what they were doing at a specific time, and see how much they’ve grown!

We also loved that you can easily import and share photos from social media, making it easy to hold on to precious memories from across your social media accounts.


iOS and Android


4. Flic

Manage your photos more easily with Flic, which allows you to swipe right and left to quickly store or discard photos, saving you memory as well as precious memories! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a milestone tracker, so you’ll need to use it inconjunction with another app or your iPhone’s “moments” feature to keep track of dates.


iOS only


5. Tweekaboo

Last but not least on our list is Tweekaboo, a photo sharing and milestone tracking app, that also allows you to create a printed book of your baby’s memories!

Invite family and friends to share moments and contribute to your child’s scrapbook, and share specific moments as messages to family members.


iOS only (beta version)

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