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Top tips on introducing your pet to your newborn

Posted on 23 November 2016

 We heart cats.


For lots of people, their first child is their fur baby. We get it. But what happens when you have a newborn and your pet takes the back seat for a while? We have lots of friends with pets who have gone on to have kids, and along the way we’ve watched them navigate how to introduce their fur baby to their newborn in a way that would avoid jealousy, acting out and any confusion over the order of hierarchy in this new world. After all, animals are still animals, no matter how well trained they are.

Here are our favourite insights on how to introduce your newborn to your pet.

1. Before the baby arrives, get set up with some of the things you plan to use with them, like a baby bouncer, and turn it on so your pet gets used to the noise made by the new contraptions, before there’s a baby involved.
2. Before the baby comes, use any creams and powders you plan to use on your baby - like talcum powder or baby oil - on yourself, so your pet can get used to the new smells around the house.
3. Once the baby has been born, take home some of the worn baby’s clothes and rub it around the perimeter of your home up high, around your head height, to get your pet used to the scent of the baby - this apparently makes it known that the baby lives within the perimeter.
4. When the baby has arrived, try to maintain normal feeding times for your pet so they don’t get their noses out of joint when it comes to food.
5. After the baby has arrived, put the pram in the living area of your home and put one of the baby’s dirty nappies in the pram along with some of it’s clothes, while the baby is in its cot. This gives your pet an opportunity to sniff around and get used to the baby’s smell.

Keeping up with the level of attention pets tend to demand is going to be tricky when you have a baby, which will be a bit of a shock to most four legged friends.

But if you follow some of these tips and get your pet used to the idea of a baby being around - with all the noises and smells - then we have it on good authority from some of the Mamas and Papas we know that life will be easier!

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